Creating art with lampwork

Behind this beautiful form of expression is my practice of the many techniques and skills, acquired under the tutelage and talents of Toronto glass artisan, Dwyn Tomlinson.
I returned to Murano, Italy – where under the instruction of the masterful Murano glass artisan Cristina Sfriso - I enriched my understanding of the glass, the tools and the ancient techniques.

With an understanding of how the glass can be manipulated with the various techniques and tools, I can design and engineer the glass to reflect ideas in my head.

Choosing every colour that will appear in the final piece. Each nuance of colour comes from a coloured glass rod or from shards of glass called “frit”.

For example: I use all these colours – melting off bits of each rod – to create this bead.

Getting on the torch where the glass rods are slowly softened.

Twisting the softened glass rod onto a mandrel – melting it down to form the base for the bead.

Adding the colours and layers by design on to the base bead.

Using tools and techniques to move and manipulate the glass and colours into designs, shapes, and layers.

Once it feels complete, it goes into a kiln to relax the molecular stress it was put under with all the heating and cooling of the manipulations. Without this step the bead would shatter as it cooled.

24 hours later, they come out of the kiln – cooled and ready to be removed from the mandrel and cleaned.

Designing the wee beads of art into ways to wear them.

Ready to share the love.